count by Sign,Party
SignPartyAquarius >> Republican 3Cancer >> Republican 3Scorpio >> Republican 3Libra >> Republican 3Pisces >> Democrat 3Leo >> Republican 2Leo >> Democrat 2Sagittarius >> Democrat 2Capricorn >> Republican 2Taurus >> Democrat 2Pisces >> Democratic-Republican 1Scorpio >> Democrat 1Capricorn >> Whig 1Aries >> Whig 1Scorpio >> Federalist 1Aquarius >> Whig 1Taurus >> Republican 1Cancer >> National-Republican 1Taurus >> Democratic-Republican 1Sagittarius >> Whig 1Virgo >> Republican 1Capricorn >> Democrat 1Aries >> Democratic-Republican 1Aquarius >> Democrat 1Gemini >> Democrat 1Virgo >> Democrat 1Libra >> Democrat 1Gemini >> Republican 1Pisces >> None 1Pisces 5PiscesNone 1NoneScorpio 5ScorpioFederalist 1FederalistAries 2AriesDemocratic-Republican 3Democratic-RepublicanTaurus 4TaurusCancer 4CancerNational-Republican 1National-RepublicanDemocrat 15DemocratSagittarius 3SagittariusAquarius 5AquariusWhig 4WhigCapricorn 4CapricornRepublican 19RepublicanLibra 4LibraLeo 4LeoVirgo 2VirgoGemini 2Gemini

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