Rate by Social Strata,Reason
Social StrataReasonPoor >> connections to the right people 39Rich people >> hard work 38Middle class >> good education, high qualification 33Poor >> cunning, cheating 32Middle class >> connections to the right people 32Rich people >> good education, high qualification 28Middle class >> hard work 27Poor >> presence of initial capital 27Rich people >> entreprenurial spirit, courage 27Middle class >> presence of initial capital 23Middle class >> cunning, cheating 21Poor >> good education, high qualification 18Poor >> entreprenurial spirit, courage 16Poor >> hard work 16Middle class >> entreprenurial spirit, courage 16Rich people >> presence of initial capital 15Middle class >> fortune, good luck 15Rich people >> abilities, talents 13Rich people >> fortune, good luck 13Poor >> fortune, good luck 12Rich people >> cunning, cheating 11Rich people >> connections to the right people 9Middle class >> abilities, talents 8Poor >> abilities, talents 7Rich people 154Rich peoplegood education, high qualification 79good education, high qualificationMiddle class 175Middle classPoor 167Poorcunning, cheating 64cunning, cheatingabilities, talents 28abilities, talentsconnections to the right people 80connections to the right peoplefortune, good luck 40fortune, good luckhard work 81hard workentreprenurial spirit, courage 59entreprenurial spirit, couragepresence of initial capital 65presence of initial capital