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Free 60 minutes dashboard consultation.
This is an amazing value proposition!

Free 60 minutes web consultation. We will look through your data, help and suggest the best way to visualize and most probably build a complete working dashboard. You will be amazed how much can be done in such a short time frame!

This is really a fantastic tool that allows importing of analytics data. I like how it is a complete reporting platform, very efficient and avoids manual work. We use the online version and now setting up internally with our own data-warehouse.

- Tim Kirkpatrick,MA

Earlier we used Google Api to extract data ourselves but we simply could not keep up with the api version changes, managing the data loads and syncing with our database. Infocaptor provides everything that we did at a fraction of cost we spent doing all that. I also like how it has built in visual analytics and dashboard builder so we don't have to spin Tableau for our dashboards.

- Ajay Kumar,TX

I bought this software but as things usually go, never really got time to work with it. After over a month, launched it and took the courage to go through the online tutorials and began experimenting things as mentioned in the documents and video tutorials. I was simply amazed by the ease of which I could produce the tables, drop down parameters and beautiful gauges. Wow! truly simple and easy software to build dashboards

- Kelly Greb,CA

We don't have to login anymore into Google Analytics to provide custom reporting for our PPC clients. We have already templated all our custom dashboards and onboarding a new client is very smooth and fast. It has proven to be an extremely efficient process and very good time saver. The data loads are automated and we don't have to worry about missing days. It keeps adding incremental data to the same database tables and all our clients dashboards point to the tables and not dependent on google analytics api. Our clients have direct access to their dashboards and all they have to do is just go to the dashboard URL. It is simply an amazing process.

- Edgar Wood,MN

After trying the Excel templates and spending on various video tutorials learning how to build dashboards in Excel using Macros and Excel stuff, never really got anywhere. Decided to try out InfoCaptor and Tableau. Although Tableau offers lot more, it is way beyond our dashboarding need and it is incredibly expensive. InfoCaptor Excel dashboard designer worked out pretty good for our organization both cost wise and feature wise. After 15 days our company got few more viewer licenses.

- Martin Piro, GA

This is the best dashboard software for its price. One good thing we did was to hire their consulting services to build few dashboard prototypes and provide some quick dashboard training.

- Terry Seal, IL

We evaluated Xcelsius and Qlikview and the cost for organization to implement dashboards was quoted over 10,000 USD. For fraction of the above quoted price, we were able to buy the licenses for the web based dashboard software and get some free training. This is truly a dashboard software for small businesses like us.

- (Name not disclosed) IT Manager of a Trucking company, OH

I have been using InfoCaptor for past 4 days. This has literally shaved 30 hrs per month that I used to spent every month. It was pretty easy to create the dashboards. Was able to generate a presentable PDF in just few hours (under 3 hrs to be precise). My plan of action from now on is to get an updated Excel file and refresh the dashboard,generate the PDf and send it to my Department manager, all done in 10 minutes.

- John Mc

It isn't often you find a product that has the two cardinal virtues: a price that is an order-of-magnitude below the big players in the field, and a development team that really listens and responds to customer feedback and requests. "InfoCaptor is such a product". Dashboard design and use has swept through the Fortune 500 companies, but until recently it was too expensive and required too much technical knowledge for mid-size companies to embrace. InfoCaptor has brought the benefits of dashboards to any organization with as few as one trained IT person on staff. The real strength of InfoCaptor, however, is the dedication of the development team. InfoCaptor staff worked to try and create additions to the current product in order to fit our specific needs. There was no reluctance to help, instead there were dozens of emails, remote assistance, and new beta components on virtually a daily basis. I am a big fan, and look to InfoCaptor with eager anticipation of what features will be added next. The current product does what products costing 10 times as much do.I can't wait to see what this kind of drive, energy, and obvious love of the project on the part of those developing it, will bring to the table next.

- Elliot Apter
CIO, Atpac Logistics

My monthly routine is to spend 2-3 days on creating Excel reports and submitting it to my boss. Out of frustration I stumbled across InfoCaptor and approached InfoCaptor staff for help in getting a sample dashboard created. Having submitted all the raw data, InfoCaptor team came up with a nice looking dashboard that was much more interactive with the use of parameters. For e.g I used to have seperate metrics for Year, Quarter and for each months. The supplied dashboard had parameters that allowed to switch between year,quarter or month view instantly. This is saving me a lot of time. The only thing remaining is to feed the dashboard directly from the ODBC source. Right now I just extract the raw data into Excel and let InfoCaptor feed from it but having direct ODBC link will give me real time views. Thank you very much for a wonderful job and the product.

- Bob Jacobs